Breast Surgery Online Class

Breast Surgery & Oncoplastic Class

Breast Surgery & Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Online Teaching Sessions

Biovitality Clinic is launching a new Webinar Series: Breast & Oncoplastic Surgery Online Teaching Sessions by prof, Dr. Zoe Vlamaki, MD, FRCS Engl. Consultant, General and Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon.


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About Dr Zoe Vlamaki

Dr Zoe Vlamaki started her career as a general surgeon. She has a long experience in aesthetic surgery of the breast and in surgery of breast cancer treatments. Oncoplastic surgery treats breast cancer while keeps the natural shape of the breast with minimal scarring. Long experience with NHS, England and internationally. First woman to perfom oncoplastic surgery in one of the hospitals in UAE in 2019. Her work continues in NHS UK, Greece and Cairo Egypt on private sector.

Who is this webinar for?

This online learning is designed to share knowledge in breast surgery and breast oncoplastic surgery. 
It is for doctors who have interest in breast surgery training and want to interact and improve their skills.

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