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Dr Zoe Vlamaki inviting you for a series of online seminars with international guest speakers and professionals

Prevention is Better, than Treatment

Effects of Smoking in Breast Surgery, Breast Cancer

New approaches for treatments of smoking addiction

16th July 2020, 4pm UK, London Time.

Does smoking increases risk for breast cancer? Is there an effective way to stop smoking for good? What are the effects of smoking for immunity and diseases? 

Effective new approaches for treatments of smoking addiction. Smoking is a risk factor for any cancer and breast cancer. Smoking is an insult of health that cause cancer and breast cancer and is the cause of post surgical complications in patients who undergo surgical treatment.

Guest speakers: – Nasia Davos, Psychologist (MA, MBPsS, IPPA) Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, Creator of the CBQ Method™ – Dr Ioannis Lyras, Plastic surgeon and breast aesthetics surgeon – Erikos Dynnan Hospital Athens, Greece

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Past Webinars

Prevention is better, than treatment - Live Series

Quantum Medicine in Endurance & Athletics

Diet to increase the invivo stem cell efficiency, Melatonin hormone to increase immunity

2nd July, 2020

We are looking forward to share knowledge and passion on alternative medicine, health and nutrition. ⁠

Guest speakers:

Dr Claudine Hadida M.D. aesthetics regenerative and wellbeing practioner

Dr Eric Oquinarena, professor and international expert of quantum medicine.⁠

Dr Zoe Vlamaki, MD, FRCS⁠, Consultant, Breast Oncoplastic & General Surgeon, Aesthetics & Wellness⁠

Breast Cancer Care

Saudi German Hospital Group - Smart Podium

21st June 2020

It’s been an honour to present at Saudi German Hospital Breast Cancer Care Webinar about breast cancer care today and new approaches to treatment and care. With over 20 years of experience and over countless of surgeries, it is a subject that is deep in my heart. Breast cancer had an enormous steps forward in the last few years. It is a multidisciplinary work of specialist and sciences, that comes together to put the effort in treatments of this disease.

International Speaker: Dr Zoe Vlamaki, MD, FRCS⁠, Consultant, Breast Oncoplastic & General Surgeon, Aesthetics & Wellness

Quantum Stem Cell for Increase Immunity

Peptide, Bioregulator & Regenerative Medicine for Increase Immunity

18th June 2020

Thank you to Prof dr Deby Vinski and her team for the wonderful talk about Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Increased Immunity. Stem cells treatment is a very active topic globally at the moment and it is a treatment that will predominate in the future. Future in medicine in genetics and stem cells comes along in this field with all the alternative quantum medicine that integrates them and provides roots for healing. It is a fascinating topic as it becomes slowly applied in medicine to rejuvenate, heal and repair and endure the immune system that we all need at the moment.

Prof Dr. Deby Vinski, MscAA, Ph.D, President of WOCPM, Paris
Prof Dr. Svetiana Trofimova, Ph.D, General Secretary of WOCPM, St Petersburg
Sonia Rahbani, MD, PhD, Beirut, Lebanon
Dr Zoe Vlamaki, MD, FRCS, London, UK
Prof. Eric Ocquinarena, MD, Ph.D, Monacoand her t

Application of Quantum Medicine in Aesthetics

With Dr Eric Oquinarena, professor of Quantum Medicine & Creator of Quantum Aesthetics

Dr Zoe Vlamaki, MD, FRCS, Consultant and American board Certified in Wellbeing and Anti-Aging Doctor is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting: 

On this Live Presentation you will learn about:⁠ Quantum Medicine⁠, Quantum Healing⁠ & Quantum Aesthetics⁠Application of Quantum Medicine in Aesthetics⁠.

Time: the 4th June 2020, 3PM, UK, London time

Guest: Dr Eric Oquinarena, professor, international expert of Quantum Medicine. Creator of Quantum Aesthetics concept. ⁠

Dr Eric Oquinarena holds a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine and passionate about high technologies. After years of research and collaboration with doctors, researchers, professors and therapists he created his own company, the Blue Bird Center to make immense progress accessible in the field of Health, Wellness and Personal Realisation.

Brain Fog & Fatigue

Prevention is Better, than Treatment: Fatigue Brain Fog & Quantum Medicine Treatments

On Thursday, the 28th, from 8pm we will be discussing brain function and brain health with Dr Eric Oquinarena, professor and expert of quantum medicine. 

Stress is not to fear but to fear are it’s actions, that lead you, to the damaging effect that stress has on you. Yes your stress is inevitable financial burden, that can lead to bad habits.

Bad habits, lead to bad health. To Overweight. To depression. Stress and smoking is bad health. Stress can lead to excess of drink. drinking is bad health.
Bad health could lead to cancers, breast cancer and any other cancer, and can cause the stress to keep a vicious circle in someone life.
Stress can keep you sleepless night can destruct your sleep, increases your fears and effects your entire circadian hormonal circle. Sex hormones, calming hormones and hormones that keep your weight in balance
All that can keep in balance by training your body and brain into a resilience you need to get through the hardships and the ups and downs life has