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One of the most important elements: "Iodine"

Dr Vlamaki:

Myth : you live by the sea, using sea salt rich in iodine.
Sea salt is not rich in iodine.

As per Ancient Greek rules, you benefit of things of foods of situations when you use them in moderation.

Yes you can find Iodine in vegetables as Cabbage, cauliflower, soybeans, and when consumption of those foods are increased, in excess the Iodine overtaken by thyroid and can cause a large thyroid, goitre.

The most important benefits and functions of Iodine in the body are:

– Normal development and function of the thyroid gland
– Nerve function
– Hair and skin growth
– Healthy breast tissue in women
– Reduce breast pain from fibrocystic breast changes
– Energy production
– Protects against bacteria
– Protects against toxins and radioactive materials

Where to find Iodine:
Sea food : oysters, shrimps, clamps, scallops
Fish : salmon, halibut, sardines, tuna,
Animal products: beef liver, pork, lamb
Milk products : cheddar cheese, milk, butter, cottage cheese
Fruits : pineapple
Vegetable : lettuce, spinach, green peppers
Whole wheat bread
Eggs and dry raisins

Can you supplement Iodine? Know the level of body Iodine in a blood test.
If you take supplement the dosage is up to
150 micrograms per day.

Books of your interest: Genetic Nutritioneering
By Jeffrey Bland PhD

Dr Zoe Valamki
General & Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon, Aesthetics & Wellness

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