Nutritional Care

Infection and High Risk Patients

Coronavirus infection and high risk patients: What makes you high risk at an age is either an underlying disease or depletion from hormones and nutrients. Many underlying conditions are drawn to depletion and dysfunctional hormonal balance and bad nutrition, depleted nutrients, excess of stress, and burn out of of mental and physical status, small Nr due to genetics. A low defense is low immunity, makes you high risk.

Combine your conventional Medicine to control
Your underlying condition with a healthy way of living, healthy diet, that supports your immune system, rich in vitamin C, vitamins D3, vitamin A and minerals and elements as selenium and magnesium, zinc.

Be aware most of people even exposed to sun are depleted from Vitamin D3, which can be supplemented.

Cardio and exercise.

Learn to eat probiotic foods, use olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, boil the meat you eat rather than charcoal, reduce consumption once a week. Avoid too much cheese, and know that protein is found in beans too.

Find out if you are hormonally imbalanced and take support.

Remember Hippocrates, food is your medicine, and if we run out of it as the supermarket are empty the nature has got the balance if all are kind.

All the best!

Zoe Vlamaki