Causes of Gynecomastia

Are men at risk of breast cancer?

What causes gynecomastia, large male beast and are men at a risk of breast cancer?
Most recognised problem in men’s breast is gynecomastia, large male breast, which can be seen on men at many ages. Causes are variant with multi factors, depending on the age of men:
Young men as in 20 sh or younger when their aesthetic looks come to be noticed, they complain of large breast which could be a result from normal hormonal changes from puberty to adulthood.
In men older than 20sh development of glandular breast tissue can be the result of certain medication, diseases that lead to increase of female sex hormones in the body.
– hormonal abnormalities
– Unhealthy diet
– Increases consumption of alcohol
– Smoking of cannabis
The large male breast could also be just fat tissue, which can easily be diagnosed with your specialist breast doctor by ultrasound of the breast.
Be aware if the diagnosis is true gynecomastia, there is a risk to breast cancer, which can be increased with the family history of breast cancer. Anytime breast pain, changes of the skin, changes and increase in size of the breast, lumps that may be felt and noticed in the breast, nipple changes and nipple discharge is noticed, consult a breast specialist doctor for investigation and gain the reassurance that is nothing serious.
Once a diagnosis of gynecomastia is given, your specialist breast doctor will advice accordingly.
Many cases which are as a result of medications, once the medication is stopped the increase in size of breast will stop.
Dr Zoe Vlamaki MD FRCS
Breast Oncoplastic and General Surgeon