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For breast cancer patients and for all interested in making improvements in their health and wellbeing

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Back pain and neckpain are one of the most common problems that women experience due to large breasts. Breast reduction surgery is often

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Breast Surgery Class

Breast Surgery Online Class Breast Surgery & Oncoplastic Class Breast Surgery & Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Online Teaching Sessions Biovitality Clinic is launching a new Webinar

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Causes of Gynecomastia Are men at risk of breast cancer? What causes gynecomastia, large male beast and are men at a risk of breast cancer?

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Nutritional Care – Melatonin

Nutritional Care & Breast Health An Important Hormone: Melatonin A hormone that makes a major difference in strengthening your immune system and improving your defence

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High Risk Patients

Nutritional Care Infection and High Risk Patients Coronavirus infection and high risk patients: What makes you high risk at an age is either an underlying

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Nutrition – Iodine

Nutritional Care & Breast Health One of the most important elements: “Iodine” Dr Vlamaki: Myth : you live by the sea, using sea salt rich

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